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Bernese puppy information.

Kane v't Samaikanest
Lanzo vom Flodderhei
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We breeding the Bernese Mountain Dogs since 1982! Mutual trust and honesty come to us in the first place!

Puppies expected around April- May 2016 of our wonderful Kim x  Kane van't Samaikanest

Reserve in time email: samaika@telenet.be

                                                 KIM                                                                                     KANE

Kim ligKane
Look to our movie with samaika puppie's on Youtube Click here

These cheerful dogs love children They are very intelligent east to train,and are natural watchdogs,but not overly dominant.A Bernese Mountain Dog will be your friend for life.

Self-confident,alert and good-natured,be sure to  socialize well as a puppy.These dogs are slow to mature,acting like puppies longer than other breeds.They are rather friendly

with strangers,and are generally good with other pets and dogs.The Bernese needs to be with people and not confined to the backyard or a kennel.These dogs are sensitive and should be trained firmly,but gently.Owners will only run into issues with this dog if they are not

displaying natural leadership towards the dog,treating him more like their baby and

lacking in the knowledge as to what dogs instinctually need to be stable minded.

Owners who fail to convince the dog humans are alpha may find themselves with a totally different dog than what is described above.For a dog to feel secure it needs to clearly know the rules so they can be followed, thriving in structure, along with a daily pack walk to statisfy its instinct to migrate.The bernese mountaindog was bred for draft work and can be trained to pull a cart or wagon.

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