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Kane v't Samaikanest
Lanzo vom Flodderhei
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Golden Dog Trophy 21/07/2013 Kane van't Samaikanest Best male CAC-CACIB

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Kane van't Samaika nest---Born:03/06/2011--- HD A ED 0/0 SD 0/0
 If you have interest we can ship chilled semen all over Europe samaika@telenet.be
Kane on 20 month of age selected "Excellent" on Beauty and Character
Kane on 22 month  1 Excellent best bernese male Winner of CAC-CACIB

Kane is a powerful dog with an impressive and massive head,and beautiful of construction,which is also the ancestors of him.

has solid and strong bone and he runs like a train,good propulsion and striding back to.Kane is born from a true outcross combination (his ancestors come from the successful kennels.
From Italy - Della torre d'ovarda,and from Czech Republic - Qween elsa).

Because there
's no more generation family dogs in his pedigree avoid this very importent for the health of the breed.His puppy's and puppy owners will be grateful for it.
We do not just let Kane X-ray on HD and ED,but also in SD (ShoulderDysplasie) because we feel it is important for posterity.

                                                     And like any berner fits Kane is a very affectionate,loyal and tough and sweet teddybear!

Wonderful puppy's (7 weeks of age) from our Kane van't Samaikanest, born May 2013

pup1 pup2pup3pup6
Judgereports of Kane van't Samaika nest

Judgereport of Kane on the show in Maastricht.Judge:Mrs N Timmermans Kadenko(Ned).

Male of excellent type,good substance and bone beautiful.
Great proportions,Strong head with striking stop.
Straight back,good angulations front and back.
Runs with good drive behind and ground covering for.
Fine markings.

1 Excellent

Judgereport Kane on the Winner show in Amsterdam.Judge:Mrs Hoier Charlot(DK)
Masculine dog of perfect size and substance for age.
His beautiful proportions are extremly nice.
Very nice and big massive head with beautiful dark eyes and nice small high set ears,acceptable neck.
Very nice developed chest,fitting bones and angulations.
He is a little bit proud of his tail but he moves very sound.

1 Excellent

Judgereport Kane on the Intern show in Oss.Judge:Mr.Guido Puts(NL)

Excellent type-Powerful bone-Good markings-Prima colours-Light wavy coat. Powerful shaped head and muzzle-Well shaped eye-Beautiful scissorbite-Good for breast and chest depth-Good spring of rib-During gait good reach and good drive-Behaves friendly in the ring.

1 Excellent rCAC-CACIB

Pedigree Kane van't Samaika nest

Boy della torre d'ovarda
HD A ED 0/0
Selektie BBSC '05

Yasper van de Samaika
HD A ED 0/0
CH.Ned.'02 AmW Sel BBSC

Quiet della torre d'ovarda
HD A ED 0/0

Gill Gillian v.d Buutvrijhoeve
HD A ED 0/0

Ushmaya van de Samaika
HD A ED 0/0

Kevin costner della torre d'ovarda
HD B ED 0/0

Ginerva della torre d'ovarda
HD A ED 0/0
CH Int,CroaPol,

Image queen elsa
HD A ED 0/0

Calif vom Wiesmadern
HD-A ED 0/0
CH Rakouska

Baby queen elsa
HD-A ED 0/0
Alladin v.d Rosalienquelle
HD A ED 0/0

Bahra von Wiesmadern
HD B ED 0/0

Othello von Lenzgraben
HD B ED 0/0
Ambra z Milesovske Salasa
HD A ED 0/0

Judgeresults Kane v't Samaikanest

18/10/2011     Puppyclass          1 Veel Belovend (Best puppy male)            BBSC                Mevr: Ebnet Alisa(USA)
17/06/2012     Youghtclass         1 Excellent (Best Yought from 22 dogs)      BKZS                Mr   : Klindrup Freddie(DK)
16/09/2012     Intermediaire        3 Excellent(18 m)                                      BBSC                Mr:Lorenz Frank(Ger)
30/09/2012     Intermediaire        1 Excellent                                                Maastricht          Mrs: N. Timmermans K(Ned) 24/11/2012     Intermediaire        1 Excellent                                                Amsterdam         Mevr:Hoier Charlotte(DK)
03/02/2013     Intermediaire        1 Excellent   CAC-CACIB (Best male)     Eindhoven           Mr:Schepers J(Ned)
21/04/2013     Openclass             2 Excellent (2 years)                                 Goes                   Dhr.D.J. Baars(Ned)
02/06/2013     Openclass             1 Excellent rCAC-rCACIB                      Oss                     Dhr.Guido Puts(Ned)
21/07/2013     Openclass             1 Excellent CAC-CACIB (Best male)       Luik                    Mrs Suncica Lazit(Ser)
29/09/2013     Openclass             1 Excellent                                                Maastricht         Dhr Boic(Slov)
08/02/2014     Openclass             1 Excellent CAC-BOB 3th group 2          Genk                Mevr Huber Isolde(Duitsl) 

Kane 1 Excellent Best Yought  of 22 dogs on the clubmatch of the BKZS in Belgium on 17/06/2012

kane show
kane kop
Kane became "Selection Excellent on Beauty and character" by the BBSC (Belgium Bernese Club)

kane selektie

Kane as puppy
kane pup
kane en ik
kane en beton

Kane as children's friend
kane en britt
kane en britt

Here you can see some wonderful Bernese out of the pedigree of  Kane

     The father from Kane is Boy della torre d'ovarda 10 years of age    His grandfather Champion Yasper v.d Samaika

          boy sit                  yasper sit
The father from Yasper

gill gillian

The greatmother from Kane,Quiet della torre d'ovarda

               Four generations,gecreerd by Christine Maertens,Wonderful!!                
Vier generaties
Kane has everything to become a great champion
Champion Kane
kane lig
Kane van't Samaikanest 2 years of age
kane van't samaikanest

Kane 1 Excellent International show in Oss the Netherlands 02/06/2013 CAC-CACIB

kane show
Kane 1 excellent Golden Dog Trophy Liege CAC-CACIB Best Male

kane show